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I'm an inventor but where's my stimulus money?

  • 09/09/2009 1:11 PM
    Message # 217245
    President Obama keeps bringing up innovation and encouraging everyone to innovate. Well, he should put his money where his mouth is. He should provide us who desire to invent with financial help such as subsidizing the filing fees, easy loan access, and other incentives. This would free up some of the inventor's meager money for say, hiring a patent attorney/agent, paying for a prototype, and marketing. So I think as members we need to collectively and actively push our representatives, and our President, to get the legislation passed on this very important aspect of stimulating our economy. 
  • 10/12/2010 12:51 PM
    Reply # 442804 on 217245
    I could not agree more!  If "new job creation" is a goal of this administration, what better way is there to create new jobs than to support the grass roots economic engine of independent inventors?

    Backing the success of "the little guy" is not only cost effective, but fiscally sound.  Us independents could do a heck of a lot of R&D and marketing development with the same funds BIG companies squander on a weekly basis.  In other words, give GM $500K - and give me $500K, let's see who does more with it!

    Lastly, everyone on Capitol Hill wants to kick around the words "Let's make America great again" - OK fine, so let the little guys get to it - just as was the case for decades, turn-of-the-Century through the 1980's.
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