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Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, we are switching to our social media platforms  for virtual events and Member Support... 

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Immediately, you might consider the following...

As a  bonus for our members (& other serious Inventors):

From the safety of your home, Amy Wenslow has graciously offered to have a complimentary phone consult with anyone who wants to discuss their product. You'll be given 2-3 action steps for your individual goals! Simply watch this informative 9-minute video series about building a product business, then book a 30-minute call on their website at

Amy is also considering doing a special webinar for our whole email list in the next week or two that will be free to attend. Anyone who goes to watch the videos would get notified if/when she decides to do that.  

So, Wash those hands, keep sneezes at home and heed The Georgia Satellite's lyrics...

My honey my baby, don't put my love upon no shelf!

She said don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself...  

All the best,

Orange County Inventors Forum

Our friend Amy Wenslow, Products To Profits,         (626) 396-0990 OR 626-709-3850, PST

Listen to Amy's  Product Business podcast for tips and insights to use today!

Read her comments in Entrepreneur Magazine's feature article about "The 7 Steps of Effective Product Development"


The information below pertains to the cancelled event. Amy Wenslow will be asked back for a speaking event as soon as she becomes available again and it is deemed safe to reconvene.  

Cancelled event Information:

It's our 30th YEAR of Helping Innovators!

Come, Participate, Learn

A Must for Every Inventor !

ON March 13th

How to Convert Products into Profits!

SPEAKER:  Ms. Amy Wenslow

Leading Author and Inspirational Speaker Amy Wenslow will share her extensive knowledge on...

How to Convert Your Products into Profits

Her best selling book:                 

Turn Products Into Profits

15 secrets to making more money with your physical products!

Amy Wenslow

  • Over 20 years of experience in developing proven approaches to start, grow or fix product businesses.
  • Leading consultant in how to choose the best path to take an invention and build it into a product business.
  • Learn how to license your new invention product and understand how the licensing money formula can work for you.

Amy Wenslow

 Products To Profits

Suite 200   

177 East Colorado Blvd. 

  Pasadena, CA 91105

  (626) 396-0990


Hope to see you there...


Eureka Building

1621 Alton Pkwy.

Irvine, CA 92606

A Unique Co-Working facility offering Orange County’s startups Community, Accelerated Innovation and Support for Local Entrepreneurship. Visit them at 

Registration starts at 6:30 pm

Meeting Starts at 7:00 pm & lasts about two hours.

Fees for attending Public Meetings: 

  • Members = $0 
  • Non-Members = $5 (light food & drink provided)

This is a Public Meeting. Inventors Forum membership is NOT required, But we'd LOVE IT if you JOINED (LINK BELOW), to help us keep Local Innovation ALIVE!       


Spread the word!  Invite those creative friends of yours and join us for INSPIRATION, INFORMATION and NETWORKING with Local Inventors, Business and Marketing people, Product Developers and possibly a few Patent Attorneys and Successful Inventors as well!


The Inventor’s Forum is a 501(c)(3) NON-PROFIT group.  We are a group of Product Developers, Business Professionals, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Patent Attorneys and creative people VOLUNTEERING to help would-be inventors objectively evaluate their invention's validity, network with friends, and to assist inventors with proceeding ‘SMARTLY’!

* Editor’s Note:  Move your ideas forward SMARTLY by Researching your idea without spending ANY money with ANY group or company until you first become educated in some options for your entrepreneurial journey ahead. Join The Inventors Forum and learn how!

((Invention companies are out there, heavily funded and aggressively pursuing the life blood of innovation; Inventor's personal funds!!))


Please SIGN the PETITION with OUR FRIENDS at US Inventor 

 HERE:  to save the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of ALL CITIZENS, which for 229 years have allowed YOU to OWN YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY!! That right is erroding rapidly!!


Please watch the movie INVALIDATED for an EYE OPENING look into THE CORPORATE POWERS at play upon YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.  The MOVIE: INVALIDATED, is available FREE on Amazon HERE:

Private Member Assistance Meetings

Cancelled until further notice....  BUT, The Inventors Forum Board is taking action to support all you CREATIVES during this peculiar phase of social distancing and compulsive hand washing.

Look for our emails over the next few days which will soon have our social media links allowing you to continue advancing your ideas and chat to better support oneanother... 

Make sure your membership and Emails are current so you receive meeting and SPECIAL EVENT notices!

Now,  make those Mock-ups, One page business plans and Practice your ELEVATOR PITCH...




Friday  X/xx/2020 

6:30 PM Networking

7 PM  Meeting 


Urban Workshop 

365-A Clinton Street 

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

You Can Visit The COOLEST WORKSHOP in California HERE:

The Private meetings are the core strength of the Inventors Forum.  They are available to paid members only.  Here, you can present your ideas for feedback and assistance from the other members in a safe environment.  Network and discuss your ideas in depth. All members are required to sign a mutual NDA to attend. 

Non-Members can join now (BELOW), or simply by arriving early to the meeting.

These Private meetings are held on the LAST Friday of the Month. 

Fees for attending:    

  • MEMBERS = $5  
  • NON-Members...  JOIN our non-profit group & safely advance your invention ideas and, bring your knowledge to help others!  ALL for ONLY $50 for an ENTIRE YEAR! 
  • Only $25 for Seniors & Students (W/valid ID).

Join us at


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