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Pitch/Presentation Workshops: Are you interested?

  • 02/08/2013 4:11 PM
    Message # 1202997
    I'm thinking of hosting some pitch/presentation workshops at my place or perhaps other nearer locations, to help us improve with our pitches. How many of you might be interested in this sort of thing? If you might want to see something like this, please reply in this discussion forum so we can take count and plan for when and where.

    This is how I presently envision it:
    We get a group of us together and eat pizza or sandwiches and other munchies.

    We set up some tables and chairs so everyone is facing forward toward the big 4' by 10' sheet of acrylic plastic I have mounted on my living room wall. (It works well with wet erase markers and was a lot cheaper than a big white dry erase board. I got it from the Plastics Depot.)

    We take our turns going in front of the group and practicing our pitches/presentations. Those sitting and watching provide their feedback. Things that would be discussed could include eye contact, clarity, brevity, enough detail, not enough detail, too much detail, body language, what the speaker is trying to say, did the speaker answer all the basic concerns his intended audience would logically want to know about, etc. We could follow a chart of evaluation criteria to track improvement and areas to work on.

    We film the pitches, then film the feedbacks. Then we play the footage on the big screen so we can see how our presentations looked. We can stop and pause the footage and examine and discuss particular stages of our presentations (while also filming these reviews and discussions).

    Then we can send our presenters back to the front to "do it again" and perhaps again and again. We can film some of these reattempts too.

    Everyone will get their turns.

    Then we can put each person's presentation footages, (with the feedbacks and reviews and reattempts) onto their own DVD so they can watch this all and digest it at home at their leisure. Hopefully, with successive pitch presentation workshops, we will see some improvement, or at least we might become more comfortable doing presentations before the "real" intended audiences.

    Let me know what you think.
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